Even if you’ve never played the casino game of roulette, you probably have seen the game somewhere or heard of it. Perhaps you’ve seen it in a movie on the big screen where some high roller with a beautiful woman draped on his arm is hitting it big. You may have heard about the game in one of the many stories passed down, or even in a song. Keep in mind that while some of the information you hear is true, some facts may be slightly skewed regarding the game of roulette. Nevertheless, all of the movies and stories do convey one matter of truth; the thrill that comes from experiencing the game of roulette in a casino.

One legend that has been passed down regarding roulette centres on a man by the name of Charles Wells. Over several days, Charles Wells supposedly won all the money at various roulette tables. In fact, the tables could no longer be played until they were able to stock up more funds. Therefore, these roulette tables were draped with black cloth indicating their inability to be used. Later, this legend was immortalised in a song known as “The Man that Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo”.

A classic film that features the game of roulette is Casablanca. In this film, the game is played in the Café American which is owned by the main character, Rick, portrayed by Humphrey Bogart. There were some liberties taken in this movie in regards to how roulette is played but it is still an important aspect to the film. In the movie Rick is able to help a Bulgarian refugee win money. Another film released in 1998, called Run, Lola, Run, also features roulette in it. The main character, Lola, puts all her money on the table to purchase a 100 mark chip. She places a wager and of course, wins. This continues each time with Lola betting on the same number. She ends up winning 129,600 marks. Of course, the odds of this happening were a long shot. They would be 1369 to 1 if using a European roulette wheel.