Poker: Learning The Lingo

If you are new to poker than it is important that you know that all the lingo to fully understand the game.

Blind – This is a forced bet that takes play every new hand. The person to the left of the dealer is small blind and the next person is big blind (usually double). This amount increases at regular intervals

Board Cards – The cards in the middle that are shared by all players

Draw – Drawing is when you are hoping to improve your hand/complete a run etc with that cards that are due to be drawn on the board.

Flop – In Texas Hold’em this is the first three board cards that are laid down.

Limit Poker – A normal poker game with fixed bets meaning you could only be allowed to bet by a set amount – IE $2

Longhand – A game with at least seven people playing

Outs – Cards that can improve your hand and the odds of them being drawn

Position: Simply where you are sat at the able

Preflop – The bets that are made when you have seen your first 2 cards but none of the flop have been revealed yet

River: The final 2 cards in a Texas Hold ‘em Game

Shorthand: A poker game with six people or less

Turn: The fourth board card that comes out in Hold’em