5 Tips To Being A Successful Poker Player Online

– Don’t play every hand or be afraid to fold. This is probably the most common mistake that new players make. You are keen to play poker and be involved in the game that you end up betting on every hand. Just remember that betting on a hand doesn’t mean winning. You should bet on less than half of the starting hands you are dealt with.

– Don’t play drunk. This can seem like a great idea when you get in form the pub and can’t sleep. Put on the PC and have a few games of poker. The problem is that you won’t be able to play properly, you won’t have the concentration and this can only lead to you losing.

– Be careful with your bluffing – Bluffing is good, but you shouldn’t do it all the time. If you do people will get used to this and just bet you out of the game. This is no good because that means loser. Only bluff when you need to and it is appropriate to do so.

– Don’t stay in a hand because you already bet. This is a big mistake. The best and most successful poker players know when to walk away. Make sure you bet only when you have a good chance of winning. Even if you have bet, if the card you wanted didn’t get drawn then you should walk away.

* Don’t call just because you think some one is bluffing. Just because you think some one else is bluffing doesn’t mean that they are. So don’t bet just because you want to prove yourself right, because half of the time they won’t have been bluffing and will win your money.